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Data Engineer

About Micado

Micado is an Auckland-based SaaS company developing the world’s first B2B recommendation engine for sales and marketing. We turn data into insights and recommend smart and personalised calls to action to empower sales and marketing teams to become trusted advisers.

We are an Auckland-based startup with a passionate, talented, and fun team to work with.

About the role

As a Data Engineer, you will be an integral part of our small but growing development team and support Micado in developing our cloud-based application.
Here’s what we’re looking for in terms of skills:


  • At least intermediate knowledge in Python (2-4 years' experience preferred)

  • Knowledge on how to manipulate data with Pandas

  • Use of strongly type-hinted declarations with frameworks like Pydantic

  • SQLAlchemy. High level SQLAlchemy is advantageous for the future scope of the project(s)

  • Application engineering with frameworks like FastAPI and/or Flask is advantageous for the future scope of the project(s)

AWS and Microservices

  • Experience with S3, Glue, Lambda, Systems Manager, RDS, ECS, EKS, SNS, etc.

  • Experience with CloudFormation and/or Terraform (This is important as all of our deployments are done through CloudFormation templates)

T-SQL and PostgreSQL

  • Intermediate experience with t-SQL

  • Knowledge around CTEs, materialised views, etc.

Nice-to-have-skill: CI/CD Pipeline Management

  • Experience with setting up and managing multi-staged deployment pipelines (All of the connectors and data layer is fully automated through these pipelines)

  • Understanding of how to integrate containerisation, building images within containers and crafting pipelines is crucial.

Why work with us

Working at Micado will provide you with a diverse and inclusive environment alongside people who will respect, challenge, support, and mentor you to have fun while you do the best work of your life. We are a place where personal development, innovation, and change are inspired and celebrated. We value our people and want them to enjoy and take pride in their work.

What's in it for you

  • Industry recognised training and qualifications

  • A foot in the door to some of New Zealand's most reputable organisations

  • Mentoring and ongoing support throughout your entire Micado journey

  • A modern and central office with great coffee and snacks

  • Social events and networking

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