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Spark Digital's Success Story

Spark Digital


IT & Telco


Customer360 app


78% Mobile resigns

95% Lead accuracy 

30% Sales efficiency gain

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The Customer 360 app provided Spark Digital's sales teams instant access to high quality and relevant customer information in a user friendly format - this was a genuine game changer.

Stuart Little, Business Development Manager | Spark New Zealand


Spark is New Zealand’s market leader in providing high quality Digital and Communications Services to local consumers and businesses. Originally started as a state-owned company, Spark has successfully managed the transition to become a private organisation with 5.5k employees, generating NZD $3.5b revenue and a holding a 35% mobile market share in New Zealand. Recently it has transformed into a customer-first and digital-first company that is leading the New Zealand market with innovative solutions supporting customers steering into the new digital age.


Spark’s challenge was not a lack of data, but rather identifying and converting valuable data into clear, accessible, real time and actionable insights. Sales and Marketing had to rely on individuals and manual reporting processes, which resulted in inconsistencies and distrust in data. For Marketing, it was important to better understand the customer buying behaviour. For Sales, it was crucial to reduce the lead to contract times by pursuing high quality leads. Spark wanted to enhance trust and confidence in the accuracy of their data to act timely and decisively on their customer insights.


Using Salesforce Einstein Analytics, Micado designed the ‘Customer 360 app’ - a customer insights tool used by more than 200 Spark Sales and Marketing professionals to resign mobile customers more effectively and identify whitespace sales opportunities for Cloud and IT Services. Micado aggregated 200 million data points sourced from seven systems to provide a 360° customer view. By combining this data, Spark has been able to better understand, visualize and predict their customers’ buying behaviour during the entire customer life cycle. This enabled Spark to reduce mobile churn and acquire new customers, driving exceptionally high conversion rates and sales efficiencies.


The Customer 360 app empowers Spark’s sales teams to have relevant and timely conversations with their customers. By truly understanding their customer journey, Spark’s sales and marketing teams are now empowered to proactively manage their customer’s needs. Today, Spark employees have real time customer insights at their fingertips and no longer rely on manual reports. As a result, Spark improved the quality of their customer interactions, realised a sales efficiency gain of 30% and reduced the lead to contract time.


Sales Lead Conversion


Lead Accuracy


Sales Efficiency

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