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- Customer Insights Platform -
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Our customer insights platform has helped some of New Zealand leading companies WIN, GROW, and RETAIN customers in a smart and efficient way.
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Micado's market-leading experts help you maximise the value of your data helping you close more deals. ​

We apply the knowledge obtained working with New Zealand's top companies to increase your team's efficiency.​


Grow your revenue and customer lifetime value by discovering upselling and cross-selling opportunities and enabling your customer success team to perform better.​


Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by providing exceptional experiences and communicating with the right customers at the right time, every time​

How does Micado 360+ work?

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Maximise the value of your data

Companies generate thousands of data records daily and it is important to know how to extract value of your customer's data to work efficiently

and maximise results

Convert data into insights

Manual spreadsheets may still exist but they are a thing of the past. Why waste your time reading through thousands of lines and sheets when you can get the key insights served?

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Your own and familiar Salesforce environment

Our product is easy to use and is embedded into your already familiar Salesforce CRM org so your team has a unique source of truth for all its data

Why react when you can predict and prevent?

Do not waste your time trying to analyse what went wrong, use our predictive alerts to anticipate and prevent risks from happening in the first place

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Easy to manage
and customise

Our software is customer-friendly and easy to use. We help you make the most of it but you can get hands-on if you want to adjust settings or critreria.

How it works
Gladwin Mendez
Chief Data Officer @ Fisher Funds

Micado’s ‘NBA’ enabled our Client Services team to delight our clients through highly personalised interactions and create the 
Epic Futures they deserve. 

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