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Fisher Funds's Success Story

Fisher Funds


Financial Services


Next Best Action


200% increased client engagement 

345% increase in Lead conversion


Micado’s ‘Smart Data Recommendation Engine’ enabled our Client Services team to delight our clients through highly personalised interactions and create the Epic Futures they deserve. 

Gladwin Mendez | Data and Technology Operations Officer | Fisher Funds


Fisher Funds is a New Zealand based specialist investment firm, managing more than $14 billion for over 270,000 investors. Their mission is to be the one investment company that focuses on giving their clients the confidence to make better financial decisions at every stage of their lives. Since 1998, they have helped thousands of Kiwis on their investing journey with a clear focus on delivering great investment returns and superb client service. 


Historically Fisher Funds’ Client Services team would create manual calling lists in Salesforce based on very basic filtering and work through these from top to bottom. This approach was not scalable as Fisher Funds client base continues to grow, and it became challenging to deliver the exceptional customer experience its clients expected. 


Micado deployed its Next Best Action (NBA), a smart data recommendation engine, to extend the value of their client data from insights to actions. This meant a fundamental shift in the way the Client Services team works. It meant changing from a reactive dashboard driven model to a proactive client engagement model, where the team would receive daily recommendations on which clients to talk to next and recommended next the best action to support the client in their decision making.


Micado’s 'smart data engine' empowered the Client Services team to deliver highly personalised customer experiences with smart, actionable customer insights embedded in Salesforce.   


Increased client engagement 


Increase in Lead Conversion

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