About Us

We empower companies to deliver exceptional and highly personalised customer experiences

Hello. We are Micado, the world’s first B2B Recommendation Engine for Sales and Marketing.


We turn data into insights and recommend smart and personalised calls to actions to empower your sales and marketing teams to build authentic customer connections and become trusted advisers and thought leaders. 

The results are tangible and measurable: your team will love us, your customers will be happier, and your bottom line will look better too. 

Our Purpose

Enhance Growth + Retention


By leveraging the value in data, we enable recommendations allowing you to focus on growth and retention. 

Our customized solution delivers predictive models to reduce churn, risk and costs. 

Drive Customer Loyalty


Create customers that are increasingly engaged, loyal, and more connected than ever before. 

Providing automated insights, allows our clients to create unbreakable bonds with their customers.  

Ignite a Data Driven Culture


Supporting our clients to shape a data driven culture, where data insights are defined as strategic assets, clearly utilized to propel customer experiences and position themselves as front runners in the digital age. 




We leverage the latest Machine Learning technologies to create data driven insights and to call to actions or Sales and Marketing professionals.


Our Mission 

Unlock the power of data

To thrive in the ‘Age of the Customer’, companies must deliver exceptional and highly personalised customer experiences. But that’s not easy.

Sales and Marketing professionals rely on manual customer profiling, which is time-consuming, inefficient and often doesn’t meet customer expectations. Data is key to empower your teams with deep insight into their customers’ buying behaviours and decision-making. 

“Our purpose inspires us to find new ways of solving complex business problems through unlocking the hidden value in data. We deeply believe in what we do and strive to empower businesses and individuals who engage and interact with customers to be recognised as a trusted advisor and thought leader. “ 


The Story

The vision behind Micado

Every great idea begins with a spark. Hans Arz, an internationally acclaimed customer insights expert had a vision: to leverage the value of data to empower Sales and Marketing professionals to deliver better customer experiences.

In 2016, Hans was tasked with developing and implementing an AI based customer analytics app for New Zealand’s largest telco provider, Spark. The solution reaped significant improvements in Customer Experience (CX) along with increasing marketing and sales effectiveness. 

In 2017, Hans shared Spark’s successful adoption of the app at the Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco, where it received global recognition. Realising he was onto something very powerful, Hans founded Micado in 2018 to enable businesses to use data to deliver better service, greater efficiency, drive sales and turn customers into brand advocates.


Meet the team

Our dynamic team is keen to introduce themselves and start improving your business

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