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Micado implemented a solution our team can't do without, and we found the process of working with them really simple and effective.

Doug LaBahn, GM Partner Program | Xero New Zealand

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A Kiwi start-up success, Cin7 was founded in 2011 as a connected inventory management and POS solutions company, and is expanding globally with successful investment from US based Rubicon Technology partners.  


“Cin7 helps businesses get their products to more customers, more efficiently, through more sales channels – faster than ever before. Every month, millions of sales orders flow through the Cin7 platform, reducing cost, effort and time for product sellers so they can quickly get products to customers and build their brands without worrying about their operations.” 


At Xero ensuring business operations remain efficient and standardised across two sales channels and seven markets had become something of a challenge. Xero sought an automated and seamless way to provide sales teams a capability to proactively manage their partner accounts and deliver highly engaging coverage at the right time. Also presented with the challenge to innovate its operations to better serve its accounting and bookkeeping partners, Xero sought an automated and seamless way to provide its sales and marketing teams with richer insights.


Historical Cin7 processes did not give the Customer sufficient visibility and control over their support journey, and left Cin7 vulnerable to a negative customer experience. 

Cin7 was seeking a solution to reduce customer churn and mortality through better customer engagement and to expand the ability for customers to get answers to their questions quickly. 


Using Salesforce Experience Cloud (Community Cloud), Micado designed a secure self-service customer portal, connected directly to the Cin7 product, seamlessly directing customers to the Cin7 support community. The new customer community fits into current business tech stack and provides a robust platform for scalable development to support customer engagement. 


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