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Callaghan Innovation Backs Micado

Published: July, 2020

Callaghan Innovation backs Micado with an 18-month R&D grant to develop a machine learning platform to drive Sales and Marketing analytics for subscription businesses.

Machine learning is becoming a more common feature in most CRMs to unlock hidden insights. However, most Machine learning capabilities are rather generic and often return little value to those businesses in need.

What business problem are we going to solve?

At Micado we recognise that businesses who operate a subscription business model have a strong need and dependency on creating exceptional customer experiences to build strong and long-lasting relationships with their customers.

How will machine learning in a CRM help serve customers better?


  • more accurately analyse data and previous decisions to identify actions that led to better outcomes

  • continually learn and adapt based on changing strategies and outcomes

  • identify and recommend next best actions based on changing customer interactions

How will machine learning transform your CRM experience?


  • boost predictive lead scoring to increase conversion rates and ROI

  • identify where each customer is in their buying journey

  • proactively alert on growth opportunities•

  • provide a richer 360º view of your customer’s preferences and behaviours

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