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Aroa's Success Story

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Customer360 app

Einstein Analytics



+30% Sales and Marketing efficiency


The sales performance dashboards have enabled us to better visualise revenue growth and market pentration into the global markets and is integral business tool to support our growth.

Brian Ward, CEO | Aroa Biosurgery


Aroa Biosurgery is a 12 year old Auckland based maker of reinforced bioscaffolding, a high tech wound care product for soft tissue repairs. Aroa is rapidly expanding into global markets in US and UK, with well over 5 million applications in the US alone for complex wounds and soft tissue surgery. The addressable market is approx 5b with Aroa holding strong market share and looking to accelerate growth in the US and rapid growth outside US, in Germany, Austria, Thailand, Canada, Jordan, India and South America.  


Aroa has a strong sales team but were unable to efficiently collect and collate vast amounts of medical data, sales data and billing data. The current reporting processes were manual updates in excel and time consuming with inconsistent record Id's, derived estimates on market penetration with limited correlation to billing and inefficiencies in utilising these large datasets to assess high priority market growth opportunities. In addition to having manual reporting processes, individuals and teams created similar reports but from various data sources and formats, which caused inconsistencies, distrust in data and no single view of the customer. 


Using Salesforce Einstein Analytics, we designed the ‘Customer 360 app’ - a customer and sales insights tool to more effectively build a single source of truth on sales reps performance, insightful reports that provided actionable intelligence to sales reps, sales capability lead, marketing, management and exec leadership teams.  


With the Customer 360 app, Aroa has been able to automate and aggregate large datasets and create more customer insights, allowing for better customer service and sales performance comparatives and ultimately driving growth for them and their customers.  


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Sales Efficiency

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