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Customer 360

Single view of your customers

Provide Sales & Marketing a single view of their customers and recommended actions to reduce churn and grow customer loyalty

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Win big in a rapidly changing digital world 

know your customers 


grow customer loyalty and advocacy 


personalize engagements and campaigns 


retain your customers 

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Know your Customers

Consolidate your data to create a single view of the customer. 


Identify customer preferences and buying behaviours to understand the attributes of your high-value customers and those who drain your profits

Build customer journeys and create a targeted, timely and convenient buyer journey with as little friction as possible


Use predictive modelling to determine the right customers to pursue and how to pursue them

Grow Customer Loyalty
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Grow Customer Loyalty and Advocacy


> Strengthen customer relationships

> Improve lead and sales conversions

> Identify customers with high propensity to buy new service offerings

> Grow customer lifetime value

> Increase your NPS scores

> Accelerate the acquisition of new customers

> Grow the conversion of trial customers by improving lead funnel management 

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Personalise Engagements and Campaigns

Define customer profiles, preferences and loyalties to connect with your customers the way they wish to be engaged

Personalize cross-sells and up-sells

Identify target customers for Marketing campaigns

Map customer behaviour to customer journeys and buying cycles to identify personalized offers

Personalize Engagements

Retain your customers

Our predictive churn and propensity modelling will identify and flag customers who are at risk of churning

Share your customer's preferences

Prioritize retention efforts  and identify high value customers 

Track your retention success and continuously refine your modelling

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Retain your customers
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We help you use Einstein AI to find opportunities hidden in your business data


We help you embed AI-powered assistance right where it’s needed and predict customer actions based on their behaviors.

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The Customer 360 app provided Spark Digital's sales teams instant access to high quality and relevant customer information in a user friendly format - this was a genuine game changer.

Stuart Little, Business Development Manager | Spark New Zealand


Let Micado energise your business

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